Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Helios Eclipse1-prologue

Chapter1-Human World Arc

Mineko finds a mysterious teenage boy who literally falls upon her. She brings him home and heals him. Because of that, she is late for school. Then she is punished by her History teacher who is also her brother. Then, Tooru, her childhood friend comes and teases her. Then Kazura, who is also her friend, comes along and releases Mineko from her punishment with her brother's permission. Mineko returns home from school and then realises that the boy is gone. Suddenly the boy appears from the window and attacks Mineko.

Mineko is shocked. Suddenly the boy transforms into a kid and Tooru rushes in and attacks the kid. Mineko stops them and lies to them about the kid. Tooru didn't believe it at first but Kazura asks Tooru to leave and Kazura tells Mineko that she trusts her. Mineko takes a deep breath and asks the kid about his identity. The kid introduces himself as Helios, the ruler of the magic world who came to the human world to find the saviour. Mineko trusts him and promises to help him find the savior. The next morning, Helios and Mineko go out in search of the saviour.

Helios begins to create a magic field to find the saviour. But because of Helios's weak power, the magic field becomes unstable. Mineko is terrified and suddenly hugs Helios. The sun becomes bright again. (Sun represents Helios's Power) Then Helios figures out that Mineko was the saviour all along. Meanwhile Tooru and Kazura spy on them. Then they are busted by Tooru. Helios has a bad feeling and tells Mineko to go home. They go home and discover that Mineko's brother had been knocked out by a sinister cat boy.

Then the cat boy saw Helios and was surprised. Helios is actually his master. Tooru feels weird and is confused by all these sudden events. Suddenly, Kazura says something even weirder and stabs Tooru with a weapon.

Mineko is shocked by Kazura's action and is confused. Meanwhile, the cat boy(Spade) starts to battle Kazura. Then it all becomes clear when Kazura reveals his true identity as Louis, a Dark Wizard trying to foil Helios's mission. Spade is almost defeated by Kazura but suddenly a fire blast from Helios attacks and injures Kazura. Helios returns to his Second Level Form and wants to kill Louis. But Tooru stops Helios from doing so. Louis pushes Tooru away. But when Helios is about to kill him, suddenly a dark power comes and rescues Louis. A girl in a gothic outfit and pale skin takes Louis with her and warns Helios about the Darkross. Then she realises that Mineko has befriended Louis and assumes that Mineko is an interesting person.

In order to save Tooru's life, Mineko has no other choice but to make an agreement with Helios and Spade - her existence on the human world will be erased and she will have to come along with them to magic world. Mineko agrees and leaves the human world behind.

chapter2-Magic World Arc

Mineko discovers that in the Magic World, everyone hates the human race because of the prophecy. But Princess Moragana advices her do not give up since she has chosen this path. Darkross gets closer and as Helios and the others fight them, it seems useless. As the last resort to save the human world, Mineko sacrifices herself.

14 years ago, when Helios and Luna visited human world, they came across a boy named Toroya. They saw that the humans themselves were destroying and polluting their own world, but they were the ones who end up having to protect the new generation for a better future. But their thoughts were wrong. Toroya's act of killing a cat in cold blood changed Helios's perception about humans - he despises humans from that day forth. Helios releases most of his powers due to their despicable acts. Because of his prejudism towards the race of humans, Helios thinks that Mineko is also the same, and that she is also a hypocrite and only wants Helios to thank to her just because she saved his life. But then Moragana who possesses Heart's body, transforms into her original form (First Level) and gives the Rebirth Phoenix to Mineko in order to bring her back to life.

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