Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Helios Eclipse2-Median

Element Quest Arc

This arc is about Mineko who is reborn and given new mission to search for Helios's lost elements. She is told that Moragana is dead because when Phoenix is given to bring people back to life, the Phoenix will claim the user's life. Mineko feels sad for being the cause of Moragana's death and promises that she will always be with Helios no matter what happens.

Thus, begins a new adventure for Helios, Mineko and the others to search for the elements that resembles humans. They register themselves in a new school where they are introduced to Miraa, a student in that school. As time passes by, Mineko drifts apart from Helios, and he becomes closer with Miraa. In loneliness, Mineko finds her childhood friend, Tooru who has had his memories about Mineko erased. They become close again. Soon, a mysterious case happens when pretty girl becomes a victim of a rumoured ghost. They investigate the matter that they think could lead to the discovery of an element.

Then Mineko hears from Miraa that Helios was also attacked. She then rushes to the scene with Miraa. But actually, it is revealed that Miraa was the puppeteer all along. She had set them up and hurt the victims in order to kill Mineko. Mineko was surprised and had no idea why she did that. Miraa explains that she has had a crush on Helios since the first day they met. But then, Mineko was saved by Helios, Luna, Club and Spade. Miraa reveals her true identity as one of Helios's missing elements - the fire element. After a tough battle, Miraa surrenders and acknowledges Helios as her master.

The Gathering(Interlude)

After having found Miraa, they celebrate in the festival held at their place. They all gather together and have fun. Meanwhile, Luna gets closer to Mineko, in order to congratulate her for succeeding in finding the fire element, Miraa and also gaining her trust.

Rabbit Man Arc

Helios and the others (except Mineko) go to the magic world in order to find out what is happening in the Magic World, and also to monitor the Darkross. Mineko wants to go with Helios because she had promised to be with him always and to help him whenever she was needed. He just smiles and gives her a kiss on her forehead. Then Helios asks Louis to take care of Mineko while he is away.

Tooru notices Mineko is saddened by Helios' departure, so he tries to cheer her up by buying her some cake at Kaoru's Cake House. Mineko becomes happy again and asks Tooru to accompany her. In the cake house, while they were eating their cakes, a group of weird looking people appear, and Louis looks terrified. They introduce themselves as Dark Wizards and attack them. Then they (including Tooru) were forced to play a "game" in the 1/3 Dimension where each of them had to play different "games" and win in, order to get out of the 1/3 Dimension. Mineko and Louis succeed and manage to escape. However, Tooru loses to one of the Dark Wizard's dirty tricks, and is turned into a doll. Mineko and Louis are shocked to see Tooru in the form of a doll in Toroya's hands. The Dark Wizards explain that they have absorbed Helios's other elements and tells Louis that if he would want to know how to revive Maryvessa, the answers lies in Mineko's body.

Just after the battle, Helios comes back, wounded. Then they go back to the base and Helios explains that they were ambushed by the Darkross. Then Louis explains that he knows the three wizards that they just fought. They are the high wizards which are the same level as Maryvessa and are used as secret weapons.

In the Dark Castle, Toroya, Arisu and Sangatsu (the 3 Dark Wizards who fought Louis, Mineko and Tooru at the cake house) return empty handed. Lucifer is so furious that he attacks Toroya. But Toroya is so powerful that Lucifer could not defeat him and nearly get killed. They are stopped by their leader, which is Soileh, Helios's 'Shadow' (Soileh looks 80% like Helios

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