Thursday, August 6, 2009

Helios Eclipse4-Quaternion

Magic War Arc 1

Mineko begin a new journey alone in Magic World. While searching for food, she found a girl similar to Spade. She introduce herself as Mika and guide Mineko to Spade and the other guardian's hometown, Animal World. Like Magic People in Magic Kingdom, they also hate human because they believe human is dangerous. Then Mineko trying to explain everything but they didn't hear. Suddenly a barrier protect Mineko from being attack. But when Mineko said she knows Spade, a woman besides Mika said that Spade is his husband. Then the Animal resident welcome Mineko with warm welcome and was asked to rest in Mika's house. Spade's wife introduce herself as Melly. Mineko was treated as their own family. Then Mineko realize it is not safe to be there because Dark Wizard hunting for her. So she continue her journey to Earth Valley in order to hide Earth stone.

In Fire Valley, Helios and Eddy asking for Fire Kingdom's help in order to fight Darkross. But Fire's ruler refuse as they think Helios want to take their kingdom. Then Helios made an agreement to them.

While in Dark World, Soileh is prepared to take over the Magic World by capturing the Phoenix Girl (that is Mineko) with his trustful minion, Toroya, Arisu and Sangatsu. They were order to search her in Human World, not knowing that Mineko is already in Magic World.

Toroya asks Evilina and the others about Mineko whereabout but they refused. Just then a teacher just come out in fear. He grab his neck and use him to forced them. Finally Evilina spouted the information. Then Toroya kill the teacher by crushing his neck. Then he order Arisu to kill them while he and Sangatsu go into Magic World to search for Mineko. Louis ask Evilina and the others to pursue them in order to protect Mineko. Evilina agree and they fled into Magic World. Then Louis facing his opponent, Arisu and they have a tough fight. At last resort, Arisu use Element Purification and release Shinwanara. Louis use the enhancing pill that Evilina gave him and defeated Arisu. But still Arisu doesn't give up and use Shinwanara to kill Louis. Just then, Shinwanara is stopped by Soileh. Soileh order Arisu to follow Toroya in Magic World. Then, with anger, Louis attacked Soileh as the effect of the pill is getting strong. Soileh realizes this and fight him.

When Mineko travelled more and remain in Magic World, she keep growing and growing without Helios's protection.

After a long walk, Mineko fainted in the desert and dream about Helios. When she wake up, she realize that she is in danger when Toroya is in front of her. Using her ability and magic, she tried to fight Toroya. But it is useless. Just when Toroya had Mineko, Evilina appear and force Toroya to release Mineko. Mineko is release and they uses all of their magic and skill to defeat each other. Then Evilina had a chance to kill Toroya, but Toroya smile and said that she is no match for her. They have a tough fight and then Toroya use his power to traps Mineko. But Mineko release from his power using her ability to copy others. She slash the plants that Toroya uses to trap her and bring Evilina to escapade. But Toroya is too great for them both and Evilina is greatly wounded. Toroya stomped his feet on Mineko's body and torture her.

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