Thursday, August 6, 2009

Helios Eclipse5-Quintet

Magic War Arc 2

Just when they about to die, a force coming from nowhere. Then a mysterious group wearing mask helping them and beat Toroya. Mineko and Evilina are brought to safe place by the other member while the leader of the group remain. Toroya anger with them and trying to kill them all but the leader stop him. They fight using their power and then the mask is slashed, revealed the true identity. Toroya recognized him as Helios. He is truly glad that he had a chance to defeat the Magic Ruler. Using his Element Purifications, Minchinini, he use great force against Helios. But Helios has another trick in his sleeve and called up his element, Miraa and burn Minchinini's power. He combining Miraa and his sword, producing Flaming Dragon Sword and defeat Toroya instantly. As he want to extract Wood Element from Toroya, Toroya is rescued by Soileh. Helios and Soileh staring at each other with anger and hatred. Then Soileh left, bringing Toroya home.

After Mineko and Evillina are saved by Helios from Toroya, he brings them back to the Magic Kingdom. The secret between The Keeper is slightly revealed when Syn overhears the conversation between Eddy and Evillina saying that they know each other, making Syn more suspicious of them. Meanwhile, Mineko is in a comma state, having a bad dream about Luna, and feeling remorse over Luna's death and blames herself for that.

Royal Conflict Arc

Meanwhile, Mineko has a nightmare. She saw Luna fall down the cliff. Then she wakes up and Helios holds her hand. Mineko cries, and Helios tries to comfort her. After that Mineko is calm again. Helios was relieved seeing Mineko all right, then he wanted to leave the room so Mineko will not be disturbed. Suddenly, Mineko revealed her true feelings towards Helios. She asked him not to leave her again because she loves him. Her statement made Mineko blush. She tries to deny it, but Helios approaches her and holds her hand. He bites Mineko's finger and ear as a mark from him, and confesses his feelings toward Mineko. He promised to her that he will be back from Water Valley before the mark is gone because he wants to ask Water's ruler to join him to fight Dark World. Mineko believes in his promise and waits till Helios comes back.

Helios departed from Magic World accompany by Syn and Eddy. Helios ask Spade to take care of Mineko while he is gone, and protect Magic World no matter what. Melly accidentally sees Helios's mark in Mineko's finger and ears and announced their love. Helios and Mineko blushed and never look each other. Meanwhile the others happy for both of them after all they went through.

Helios arrived at lake, but then he was kidnapped by a mystery woman. The woman trying to warn him about the danger in the lake, but he ignores her warning. Meanwhile Syn and Eddy is eaten by a large koi fish who protected the Water Valley. Then Helios understands what that woman was trying to say. He fights the koi fish, but suddenly it was blown up from the inside. Syn and Eddy escape the koi fish, and their relationship becomes stronger; although, at first Syn didn't trust Eddy. Syn found something weird while under the lake. They swim underneath the lake and find the portal to Water Valley.

Then they meet Water Valley's ruler, Queen Countessa, who is also Helios good friend. Countessa already fall in love in first sight, even though at that time her father forbidden them to meet. Helios asking for Countessa's help in order to fight Dark World. Countessa agree by one condition, he must married her. Although it is hard for Helios to do it, finally he agree in order to save Magic World. They swam back to the surface while Countessa perform the magic barrier to protect Water Valley.

At the Magic Kingdom, Mineko was shocked to heard that Louis alive and being prisoned. Mineko is not satisfied by Louis's punishment, so she rushes to the dungeon to see Louis. When she comes, she sees Louis being tortured by Diamond. Mineko asks Diamond what is his fault, Diamond answered that he is cannot be trusted since he is from Dark World. Diamond also blames Mineko for allowing all this to happen and still wants to kill Mineko. But she is stopped from doing so by Spade and Club who arrived just in time. Diamond surrenders. Thens Louis is brought back to prison, and Mineko wonders. Spade said that he is a danger to Magic World if he isn't in prison, before Helios come back.

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