Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Helios Eclipse3-Ternion

The Keeper Arc

Mineko tries to find a way to save Luna and the others, but Helios ignores her and she realises that Helios is not his usual self. When she takes a walk around the school, she finds a weird room. She enters the room, and two strangers show up. They introduce themselves as The Keeper who can grant any wish but in order to get a wish granted, The Catcher must pass a test first. If the Catcher fails, The Keeper will take away something valuable from The Catcher. At first, Mineko tries to run away but then as she walks out from the room, she realises that she is in the 1/3 Dimension. So Mineko accepts the test in order to escape from 1/3 Dimension. However, she fails the test due to her lack of magic skills. Mineko fights them but is defeated. In desperation, she cries out for Helios's help. Right when they are about to take away a valuable thing from Mineko, a blast of dark magic pierces through the 1/3 Dimension.

Louis takes Mineko back from them and brings her home. Mineko feels frustrated because Helios wasn't the one who came to save her. When Mineko meets Helios, she slaps him and runs to the school backyard crying. Later, she realises that it is getting dark even though it is still daytime. She thinks that Helios could be in trouble. Just then she realises that the Helios she sees right now is actually Luna, who disguised himself as Helios all along so that Mineko would not be worried about Helios. Then Darkross appears together with Lucifer, and attacks them. Luna battles Lucifer and Lucifer is defeated while Mineko was trapped in a rock shelter built by Luna. Then Toroya appears and fights Luna. Luna uses all his might to defeat him. As a last resort, he uses the purification element and calls up Kekimuru (the earth element) in order to defeat Toroya. Instead of obeying Luna, the earth element attacks his user and Luna is killed by the earth element. The magic field protecting Mineko which was set up by Luna becomes weaker, and she is freed from the rock shelter. The Keeper arrives just in time with Louis to help Luna. Unfortunately, Luna's injuries are far too great for any chance of survival.

Mineko cries because Luna had sacrificed himself to protect her. Luna says his last words, asking Louis to take care of Mineko. He was going to confess his true feelings to Mineko, but then he decides not to. He then closes his eyes and Helios, who is being held captive by Soileh, cannot sense Luna's presence anymore.

In the dungeon where Helios is imprisoned, Helios meets a strange Keeper named Eddy who offers him help. He has no choice but to trust him in order to escape from the dungeon.

Meanwhile, in the human world, Mineko has changed since Luna's death. She promises to bring back Luna's spirit to Magic World and return the element to Helios. She asks The Keeper to take care of the human world and Louis. Thus, Mineko's quest to the Magic World begins.

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