Thursday, August 6, 2009

Helios Eclipse6-Hexad

A Letter

Louis on the other hand, transported himself to the magic world to warn Mineko about Soileh's plan. But he fainted and fell in Magic Town. He was saved by a girl name Phoebe, who resembles Maryvessa. He asked her to help him give a warning letter to Mineko. Phoebe then gives the letter to her best friend, Simon who works in Magic Castle.

Diamond on the other hand, feels even more hatred towards Mineko. She blames Mineko for all the tragedies happening recently. When Mineko wakes up and was brought to walk around the garden with Diamond, she tried to kill Mineko by pushing her down the stairs. But her act was noticed by Club, and he stops Diamond from doing so. He explains to Diamond that Mineko isn't the one to blame. Instead, he blamed himself for not being there when Luna needed him. Diamond ignored the explanation and tried to set Mineko up. Then she found the letter that Louis was trying to give Mineko, and she takes the letter from Phoebe's friend. She arrested Louis for being a Dark Wizard. Louis tries to escape using his magic, but it is useless since he is in the Magic World. (Dark Magic can't work in Magic World unless Helios's magic decreases or it is Darkross Day). So Louis surrenders and was arrested.

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