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Helios Eclipse8-Epilogue

Valley Leader's Agenda Arc

As The Keeper's member apart from the Royal family, the mysterious traveler that warn Helios earlier come to Magic Kingdom in order to save Helios. Meanwhile Mineko is trapped within her room because she believe that she binded by Helios's spell not to get out from the room. Meanwhile Syn already realized that Eddy want to leave the Magic Kingdom and he feel sad about it. The mysterious traveler went to infiltrate the Sun Castle in search of Helios using Magic Kingdom's staff uniform as a disguise. In her search of finding Helios, she found the Earth Element Crystal/Stone and decide to steal it. Then she use the crystal/stone to get through the wall and found Louis in prison.
Meanwhile, the Valley Leader's held their secret meeting again to betray Soileh and use Helios for their own personal gain. Like usual, Countessa disagree with their plan but then King Armand convince her to trust them and they promise not to hurt Helios in the process.
Syn had suspected that the Valley Leader's offer to help him during the war against Dark World maybe a trap and he share this thought with Helios. But Helios convince him that he should not worry because he has the plan. He also said that he had no other choice but to rely on them for now. As they keep discussing about the agenda, suddenly all of the 3 element valley leader come and offer their service and loyalty to Helios. But in order to get their trust, Helios must marry Countessa.
As the wedding is getting closer, Mineko trapped with pain and suffering in her room. Suddenly, the mysterious traveler appear out from nowhere to Mineko's room together with Louis. Mineko was so happy to see Louis again, so does Louis. Louis suggest that she must get out from the castle before it is too late. But Mineko cannot accept Louis suggestion even if she want to because of the binding spell that Helios gave her. Louis promise her that he will save Mineko and free her from the spell. As they keep discussing about it, suddenly Helios heard them talking and knock out the door. Louis hide behind the closet while the mysterious traveler hide under the bed. Syn ask about the Earth Element Crystal to Mineko. When she trying to find it, she realize it was missing and she feel miserable about it. Helios suspected the thief is not far from the room, and suddenly he turn over the bed with his hand. The mysterious traveler realized that she had being found, so she greet Helios with smile. Helios feel furious about it because he does not like her from the first meeting and furthermore, she stole the crystal without feeling regret. The mysterious traveler know that she must run so she run to escape while accidentally drop the crystal behind. Helios order all the guards to seal the exit and together with Syn, he also going to catch the thief. Before he go, Mineko ask him for the last time about his decision to marry Countessa. He said that he had no choice but to marry her and he does not hope that Mineko understand. Mineko feel very sad of Helios's word. After they leave, Louis get out from the closet and ask Mineko to run away and free from her sadness. Mineko take a deep thinking cap and then decide it is time to leave Helios once and for all, even if it means to hurt her feeling as well.
As Helios and Syn chasing the mysterious traveler, she going to dead end. Helios warn her to give back the crystal or he will take it by force. Annoyed and anger by his statement, she introduce herself as Mokera, and saying that he will be regret because of his rudeness towards her. She smashed the ground and then disappear. Helios feel more annoy by Mokera's action. But then he decided to go back rather than chasing her because he sure that Mokera will get back to Sun Castle to retrieve the crystal back.

Dark World Arc

The wedding ceremony is started, and all of the staff and Royal Guardian are busy preparing for the wedding. While they are busy, Mineko and Louis making preparation to escape. Mineko is getting reckless as usual while she quickly want to escape and knock over the door. Her hand pass the door and nothing is happen. Mineko started to curious about the gold bracelet and the spell that Helios giving her is just a lie so that she will not free from his sight. After realizing this, Mineko and Louis taking a disguise (Mineko dress like a man) to confuse the Royal Guardian. The wedding is held with glorious and joyous atmosphere and every resident of Magic Kingdom happy about Helios and Countessa getting together except the Four Aces of The Royal Guardian. As Mineko and Louis trying to escape by squeezing through the crowd that watch his wedding, Mineko turn around and see that Helios is looking happy. Then Louis ask her to hurry up and then she quickly to escape the castle.
Actually the wedding was a fake to fool the Dark World. Helios ask Spade's help to disguise herself as Helios so that he can strike a sneak attack upon Dark Kingdom. Spade put his loyalty to Helios and promise him that he will protect the Kingdom as much as he protect Helios all this while. Helios also squeezing through the crowd so that no one will suspect that he is actually going to the Dark Kingdom. While they busy to getting out from the crowd, Helios and Mineko had cross each other, but they didn't meet. Helios feel Mineko's presence but then he only thought it was just his imagination.
After struggling with the crowd, finally Mineko and Louis getting out from the Magic Kingdom and walking through the Illusion Forest. Mineko wonder what will they do next, since they are no longer in sight or protection from Helios. Suddenly Louis feel bad and spill out everything. He said that he is sorry because he is betraying her. Not have a clue of what Louis is saying, a familiar voice heard through Mineko's ear. It was then Soileh that plan this all along in order to capture Mineko.
Meanwhile Helios and the others (Syn and the Element Valley Leader) taking a pose to strike at Dark Castle. To his surprise, actually Dark Kingdom had already know their arrival and create a protection barrier to counter any magic and hit. Darkross came out of nowhere and they started the war. Just when Helios's troop was about to lose, suddenly a strike of earthquake destroyed all the Darkross. A girl's voice heard and then showing herself as the ruler of Earth Valley.
Helios and the troops, together with the ruler of Earth Valley getting inside the Dark Castle. Helios feel there is someone watching over them. Just then a swarm of Darkross come to attack them. But then, they being save by The Keepers, lead by Eddy. The Keeper strike the Element Valley Leader (except Esmeralda) for unknown reason. Helios then realize there is nothing to fear, as long as his friend support him and stay by his side. Meanwhile the uuler of Earth Valley appear with flashy opening entrance, and to everyone shock, it is Mokera that steal the crystal before. Mineko on the other hand, capture by Soileh to bring her back to Dark World. She feel betrayed by her own trust towards Louis. With a smile, Soileh happy that Mineko is in his possession now, together with the power of Phoenix Rebirth.
King Draven told Helios that his beloved person is in danger after all the ruler was defeated by The Keeper. Without delay, Helios come to rescue Mineko. Meanwhile, Mineko is not surprised at all that the fact she is capture by Soileh and said she was expected it. She giving herself to him so that she can prevent the premonition of the dream she had earlier by killing Soileh. Soileh will not let that happen to him, so he try to stab Mineko. Suddenly, Louis appear in front of Mineko and protect her, thus being killed. Mineko's anger is lurking out and ignite the power of Phoenix. Just then, Helios just in time to rescue her and the world from being destroyed.

Day of The Prophecy Arc

After Helios calm the Phoenix down, Soileh want to provoke the power of The Phoenix by telling Mineko that her best friend, Tooru was killed. Mineko cannot accept the fact that her bestfriend was killed, thus release the full power of Phoenix. Helios try to build shield and calm her down again, but then he is no match for Mineko. After being overwhelmed by Phoenix power, she is out of control and her hair turn white. After that she choked Soileh with her hand. Soileh try to kill Mineko by slashing her throat. After she being slashed, miraculously she alive and become body with no soul. Her appearance is just like in her dream where the girl who killed both Helios. Moragana's soul appear and told Helios that Mineko is no longer alive and only Phoenix in her body now. Helios don't want to accept that she already dead, so he use his full power to rescue Mineko. Meanwhile Soileh still trying to kill Mineko but her power was too great for him to handle. Luckily, Helios rescue him. Soileh question his action that is insensible since he is the enemy. Helios give his reason that the only thing that matters now is to rescue Mineko, because she is the only one who give happiness and meaning of life to him. Soileh feel a little bit jealous, thus using dark power and help Helios stop Phoenix's wrath and power.
After they combine their power, Mineko start to calm down. Just when Helios hug her to calm her, suddenly Mineko stab Helios. Then Mineko inner self resist the temptation of the Phoenix wrath that will destroy the world. Finally she decided to jump off the cliff as she know she is no longer in control of her own power.
As Mineko want to kill Phoenix within her by jumping off the cliff, Helios take her hand. Soileh give a helping hand but the Phoenix emerged and come out from Mineko's body. Eddy, Syn and others arrive at the scene where they saw Mineko is in grave danger. Helios begged Syn to return the time back to before he found Mineko. Syn agree but before he can use his power, Eddy knuckle him down. Then after that, it was revealed that Eddy is actually Syn I, Syn's father when Evilina says his name as 'Syn' and he use his power to stop the Phoenix. But when somebody will try to stop The Phoenix, itnt to experiment, please will take away their life. After the tragedies, The Phoenix gone. Meanwhile Syn thought his father is dead already, but then Syn I open his eye and they hugged each other. When Mineko wake up, she lost all her memories, and especially her memories with Helios.
Helios pretend nothing is happen and ask Mineko to attend 'the festival' that was held to greet her. When Mineko say she have to go back to Earth and her only beloved person lived in Earth, Helios is a bit shocked. But then he knew it is coming. Syn II demand for explanation, with Syn I trying to tell everything, but he being stopped by Evilina as the reason that it was the price for saving Syn I from being swallow by Phoenix by keeping the secret that Helios is holding. Helios turned back, keep the secret inside his deep

Final Arc

After the disaster that created by The Phoenix had gone, both world is in peace again. New leader of Water, Wind and Wood being crowned after the former leaders resigned. Jareth replaced Helios as the new ruler of Magic World, thus, the keeper of magic element. Day of the element purification is noted as the public holiday for Magic World (replacing Darkross Day). At the day of the 'festival' to celebrating the victory, Diamond confess that she is sorry for doubted Mineko all this while. Club trying to express his feeling to Diamond by asking her to the dance, but interrupted by Syn II. They having laugh together at the dancing hall. Meanwhile, Mineko wandering off until she meet the library. At there, she found Helios who was reading at that time. Helios trying to chase her out, but then Mineko acting like she meet Helios for the first time, bringing Helios his old memories with Mineko. Mineko ask him, why he doesn't even smile or laugh when she meet him. Helios put down the book, and then stamped Mineko into the shelf of books. He said, he once have smile and laugh to the one he loved.
After Helios confesses his feeling towards Mineko, although he didn't mention her name, Mineko cry, pity the girl's fate that Helios mention. After the magic world festival's dance end, Mineko come back to human world and live as a human without a single memories of her in her adventure through the magic world, and his moment with Helios. After that, Helios disappear without anyone notice. Some said he is dead because the power of the Phoenix within him (yes, he is holding the Phoenix), some said he became human and live in human world. Nevertheless, there is no sign of him coming back to magic world.
Eight years later, Mineko grown up and work in some company (maybe cosmetic company) judging by her costume. Her colleague ask her about the golden bangle in Mineko's hand. She said, she didn't remember who give it to her, but she treasure it as her most precious thing. Suddenly, a handsome guy like model come across Mineko and her colleague. Mineko notice there is something familiar with that guy especially with his wing tattoo behind his back, so she follow him until she missed him. Mineko trying to look everywhere, but never found him. Her colleague remind her that her lunchtime almost over, so Mineko followed her colleagues back to work. Up on the tree, the guy is actually Helios, watching Mineko as she walks away.

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